Spiritual Perspective of Singing

Listen as I discuss my spiritual perspective on singing and leadership in this short clip.

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Interview by: Doug Krisch – Weather of the Mind; Practical Approaches to Emotional Health

Spring Energy

 a poem of the season by Elisa S. Keeler

A shift in the air

Each day unpredictable 

The warmth, the sun, 

Then thin layers of frosted dew 

 On the windshields of cars 

Each day turning and shifting 

And churning and sifting 

Until the buds start popping 

Their bursts of joy 

Revealed to the eye of the passerby

Happy Spring!

A New Approach

Afraid of letting go of the old. Afraid of the unknown of the future. I decided to try something new….


The effects of acupuncture: 

Calming my nervous system. Allowing me to drop down and reconnect with the truth of my being. The aspect of who I am beneath all thoughts, circumstances, stories, feelings, tension, and uncertainty …There I found a stillness, a place where no answers were needed. A place of pure being.